Is really Hip Hop?

In the world of Hip Hop there is always a new craze. More recently there has been a website that has caught a lot of buzz claiming to be the spark that hip hop has been needing. This website is called WordStarHipHop is a very popular video site, but is WorldStarHipHop really all about Hip Hop. started out as a video site where people could watch videos of different things that were going on in the hip hop industry like video releases, interviews, etc. Today WorldStarHiphop has street fight videos, videos promoting sex tapes, and other numerous videos that have nothing to do with hip hop, putting hip hop into a bad light. 

The maker of WorldStarHipHop Lee Quinn O’Denat  says, “I try to portray the good, the bad and the ugly – that’s what I try to portray. It’s not just good, good, good. Hip Hop is a culture – a lifestyle. It’s not just a Black thing or an inner-city thing. It’s for anyone that can feel it in’em. It’s Hip Hop. It’s just swag.” I have to say that I don’t agree. Even thought videos of fights and sexual exploitation are sometimes entertaining and interesting to watch I feel like they have nothing to do with the hip hop culture.

This is a link of a video that was posted on that supports the negative light that this website puts Hip Hop in.

Either way is making Hip Hop look bad. Do you think WorldStar is makes hip hop look bad? Take the pole below and see what others think!

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