If you haven’t been paying attention to these rappers in resent news well then you better start. Their beef” has reached new heights in the past week when Lil Kim released her Black Friday video. This track Black Friday is dedicated solely to making Nicki Minaj look bad and insists on bringing Nicki down. This video even has a Nicki Minaj clone that is attempting to replicate Lil Kim. The clone references classic Kim videos like “Crush On You,” off Lil Kim’s debut album Hard Core.

So far through this beef Nicki Minaj has been mature through out the whole thing. She only responded with a couple of  giggles over twitter and a few punch lines in a few songs but has not made a whole song dedicated to the dissing of Lil Kim.

 This behavior is historically typical of Lil Kim. Kim has had beef with other artists, most notably Foxy Brown, with whom she never reconciled. In the end this whole beef is doing more Lil Kim’s career more than anything because before this beef occurred, Lil Kim hadn’t released any music in years.

This is the Black Friday Video Lil Kim released.

If you would like to find out more, click link below for original article.

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