Lil B calls his album “I’m Gay”?

In recent Hip Hop news one of XXL’s 2011 freshman Lil’ B has announced that he is calling his new album “I’m Gay”. Lil B has come out and said that even though he is calling his album I’m Gay, he is extremely heterosexual. The controversial rapper made the announcement that he would title his album I’m Gay after his performance at The Coachella Festival earlier this month. Since Lil B has revealed the name of his new album, it has sparked a lot controversy and homophobia in the Hip Hop industry. GLAAD released a statement over the album title stating that the organization hoped Lil B was sincere in his attempt to be an “ally” of the LGBT community. “I’m an ally to the people, and yes, I am an ally,” Lil B said in a new interview with New York Magazine. “I am a man that loves women, but I am an ally. I am not interested in men, but I do support men and women and any choices that they make that are positive.”

I support Lil B wanting and trying to be different and wanting to support the gay community but I feel like this was only a stunt to gain money. I feel like Lil B is only interested in getting money and knows that by calling his album I’m Gay, he will only gain sponsors and a new fan base. I guess only time will tell and we’ll be able to see what direction this takes his career in.

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