If you haven’t been paying attention to these rappers in resent news well then you better start. Their beef” has reached new heights in the past week when Lil Kim released her Black Friday video. This track Black Friday is dedicated solely to making Nicki Minaj look bad and insists on bringing Nicki down. This video even has a Nicki Minaj clone that is attempting to replicate Lil Kim. The clone references classic Kim videos like “Crush On You,” off Lil Kim’s debut album Hard Core.

So far through this beef Nicki Minaj has been mature through out the whole thing. She only responded with a couple of  giggles over twitter and a few punch lines in a few songs but has not made a whole song dedicated to the dissing of Lil Kim.

 This behavior is historically typical of Lil Kim. Kim has had beef with other artists, most notably Foxy Brown, with whom she never reconciled. In the end this whole beef is doing more Lil Kim’s career more than anything because before this beef occurred, Lil Kim hadn’t released any music in years.

This is the Black Friday Video Lil Kim released.

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Is really Hip Hop?

In the world of Hip Hop there is always a new craze. More recently there has been a website that has caught a lot of buzz claiming to be the spark that hip hop has been needing. This website is called WordStarHipHop is a very popular video site, but is WorldStarHipHop really all about Hip Hop. started out as a video site where people could watch videos of different things that were going on in the hip hop industry like video releases, interviews, etc. Today WorldStarHiphop has street fight videos, videos promoting sex tapes, and other numerous videos that have nothing to do with hip hop, putting hip hop into a bad light. 

The maker of WorldStarHipHop Lee Quinn O’Denat  says, “I try to portray the good, the bad and the ugly – that’s what I try to portray. It’s not just good, good, good. Hip Hop is a culture – a lifestyle. It’s not just a Black thing or an inner-city thing. It’s for anyone that can feel it in’em. It’s Hip Hop. It’s just swag.” I have to say that I don’t agree. Even thought videos of fights and sexual exploitation are sometimes entertaining and interesting to watch I feel like they have nothing to do with the hip hop culture.

This is a link of a video that was posted on that supports the negative light that this website puts Hip Hop in.

Either way is making Hip Hop look bad. Do you think WorldStar is makes hip hop look bad? Take the pole below and see what others think!

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You want to Minaj with Nicki?

When you hear the name Nicki Miinaj what do you think of? If you never heard this name before, your mind is probably all over the place about who this person might be. Nicki Minaj is exactly what the hip hop industry needs.

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A Tupac Movie?

Everyone knew that when the Movie Notorius debuted in 2009 about the exalted rapper Notorius B.I.G. that a Tupac movie was sure to follow. reports about a Tupac movie being on the horizon. The production company Morgan Creek took on the challenge in making this movie and they say how production will start in late spring early summer and will be directed by Antoine Fuqua. Morgan Creek even stated that the Tupac movie will be shot in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia and Las Vegas. In addition to these statements, Morgan Creek has even said that the film has also received the blessings of Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur-Davis, who will also take part in the film’s production as executive producer. “I am confident that Morgan Creek will stay true to the common goal we share of depicting Tupac’s life in a way that will allow the world to see the authenticity of his artistry, his hopes and his life goals,”Afeni Shakur-Davis even said while being interviewed.

Theres no expected date for this film but you can expect that this movie will a masterpiece that even Tupac would be proud of.

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The Investment of Sound

Hip Hop has come a long way since the beginning and more recently numerous hip hop artists are making it possible to take hip hop to the next level.  One of the most prolific and successful businessmen outside of the hip hop industry is rapper 50 Cent who has released a new line of headphones. These headphones called Sleek use wireless Bluetooth technology that allows up to four head sets to listen to one broadcasting device.  Music lovers can also enjoy over 60 feet of range, plus if the micro-usb rechargeable battery runs out, the detachable mic cable can simply be plugged in for continued listening. The expectations of these headphones exceeded the expectations of Dr. Dre’s beats by Dre headphones by far, but you better have 350 dollars to spend if you plan on getting anywhere near these headphones.

This is nothing new for 50 cent and his entrepreneurial spirit seeing how he has touched on everything from video  games to sports drink. These headphones are probably the best idea he has ever put his money to making this a true investment.

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The Smoking Gun

Every Hip Hop head knows that when it comes to Hip Hop everybody is looking for that new artist that is going to come on the scene and represent for Hip Hop like no other. It is safe to say that new comer Wiz Khalifa is kicking down the door to Hip Hop and showing that he is here to stay. Wiz Khalifa has actually been on the scene since 2006 when he released his debut album Show and Prove.  Since Wiz Khalifa’s debut album he created an underground buzz for himself by releasing multiple mixtapes and another studio album in 2009. Wiz Khalifa shot to super stardom this past fall since releasing his hit single Black and Yellow. Since then he has caught the ears of all the Hip Hop industry young and old. More recently he has even done numerous collaborations with a lot of different artists, stretching from artists like Snoop Dogg all the way to pop group 3OH!3. The expectations of Wiz Khalifa’s career are shooting off the charts especially since the Pittsburg Steelers have made Black and Yellow there official super bowl anthem, being that Wiz Khalifa is a Pittsburg native.

Wiz Khalifa is blowing up right now and hasn’t even reached his peak yet. You can expect a lot from Wiz in 2011 as he makes the cover of multiple magazines and even releases another album. Wiz Khalifa’s album, Rolling Papers drops March 29th.

…And even though Wiz Khalifa is not shy about letting people know his love for marijuana, he is shooting to the top, making him the smoking gun.

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The Man at The Forefront

If you haven’t been paying attention to the world of Hip Hop then you probably wouldn’t know that rapper and producer Kanye West, is single-handedly at the forefront of the Hip Hop game right now. Kanye West is taking over the game and leaving everybody in his shadows. Since Kanye dropped his first single Power during the summer he has been working non stop, using a different marketing technic to promote his music. Kanye developed a thing called G.O.O.D. Fridays where he released a song every Friday leading up to the release of his 5th studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye even released a 30 minute short film called Runaway composed of all the songs of his album. His album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sold, as of January 23, 2011,  962,000 copies in the United States, selling 496,000 copies everywhere within the first week.

In recent news, Kanye has announced that he is making an album with rapper Jay-Z, calling it Watch the Throne. They have even released their first single H.A.M. produced by Kanye West and Lex Luger. The expectation for the Watch the throne album is off the charts. Kanye has also been tweeting a lot lately saying how people can expect a video for his hit single All of the lights to drop very soon. He has also been tweeting about how his fans can expect his next album to drop this up coming summer. Whatever Kanye does have planned, whether it’s locking down his love for Kim Kardashian who he is rumored to be dating, he will proceed to take over the game, turning everything he touches into a treasure, making him the King Midas of today’s Hip Hop industry.

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